Holiday Fits for lazy staycations

Holiday Fits for lazy staycations

Verse 2 swimmers in black and white hickey hardware
Hickey hardware verse 2 swimmers in black and white and high tide kimono
Pjs all day hickey hardware verse 2 set in lime


Grab your bestie, and do the staycation thing in all our comfiest cuts, with restocks now available in some of our most popular styles.

Limited quantities in each size as usual.  You know we do the "Slow Fashion" thing.

Our Hickey at Home Edit features a range of comfortable classic cuts in breathable stretch fabrics that you can laze around in all day whilst still looking good - it's like wearing pj's all day!

Perfect for working from home when you want to feel like you've put in a little bit of effort for your zoom meetings. 

All our unique and original prints are designed in Australia. 

Our clothing is handmade in small family run studios in Bali in small runs to ensure minimal wastage and an ethical supply chain. 

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